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YMCA Global

YMCA helps young people to better themselves, to better their communities, and to better their world. It is the oldest and one of the largest youth organizations in the world. Founed in London in 1844, it has grown to reach over 65 million people a year across 120 countries. It has deep roots in communities, decades of experiences enabling young people and communities to thrive, and an extensive global network. YMCA Spain is part of it as a member of the World YMCA and YMCA Europe.

Vision 2030: empowering communities, transforming lifes.

In July 2022, YMCA’s across the globe at the 20th World Council voted to adopt YMCA 2030, our shared strategy and plan. Vision 2030 serves as a roadmap for every YMCA’s strategic goals. Closely aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Vision 2030 empowers communities and young people worldwide to build a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.

The four Pillars of Impact:

Community wellbeing

It’s a combination of social, economic, environmental, cultural and political factors identified by individuals and their communities as essential for them to florish. It’s measured through self-reported data on happiness, life satisfaction, mental health and the resilience of individuals.
You can find some of  YMCA Spain projects on community wellbeing in CAMPAIGNS, CHILD CARE AND RECREATION, YOUTH LEADERSHIP and FAMILY

Meaningful work

We work with young people and communities on equitable education, training and employment opportunities.
You can find some of YMCA Spain projects on meaningful work in YOUTH EMPLOYMENT, YOUTH TRAINING, EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS.

Sustainable planet

The YMCA believes that we should all commit and take action for the protection and regeneration of our planet, preparing for a just transition to a world where humans live in full harmony with nature. The YMCA commits to become a Greener Movement, an active youth voice on climate justice and champion of youth-led sustainability solutions.

Just world

The YMCA believes in the power of young people and communities to promote and advance justice, peace, equity and human rights for all. That’s why the YMCA will become a global voice in the fight against systemic discrimination, inequity, injustice and racism in all its forms, amplifying the voices of young people and communities where it is active to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. You can find some of YMCA Spain projects to build a just world in CAMPAINGS like 10 SECONDS, BAN THE HATE or STOP MONSTERS, YOUTH LEADERSHIP, REFUGEES AND ASILUM SEEKER, MOSAIC NETWORK AND NEWS.

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